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 about Chiara 


I graduated from Bocconi University in 2015 and have since embarked on a journey as a serial entrepreneur.

My latest venture, mariorossi, is a food retail business focused on pizza and gelato with an active store in the Como area. Prior to this, my career was deeply rooted in the hospitality sector, spanning the UK, Czech Republic, and Italy.

My affection for my homeland, particularly Lake Como, runs deep as I was born and raised here. It's a place I hold dear, which has inspired me to leverage my knowledge and connections to create immersive experiences for my clients. I believe that travel fosters connections and links us to our past, which is why I prioritise human interactions and genuine relationships wherever I go.


Through these experiences, I aim to share my passion for Italy and provide opportunities to delve into its rich culture, fostering authentic encounters with real people.


Residing in the Lake Como area allows me to be deeply involved in crafting and leading these experiences. When I'm not busy launching new ventures or organising travel experiences, you'll find me cherishing moments with my family and friends, exploring the outdoors through skiing, hiking, and climbing, and embracing the fullest essence of life.

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chiaralakecomo is an independent affiliate of Fora Travel, a Virtuoso agency

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